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At Altero we are aware of our social and environmental responsibility and therefore, in addition to what we do, we care about how we do it.


We firmly believe that our business success should not only be measured in economic terms, but above all, that we must consider compliance with our core values and principles.


All of them are based on respect for what we do, for our human team, for our customers and intermediaries and also for the environment.



As the only way to understand life.



Between us and our intermediaries.



With what we do, with our human team and with our customers.



Both in our personal and professional projects. Without this, nothing makes sense.



Avoid misuse of resources of any kind.



As a tool for communication, negotiation and conflict resolution.

Equal opportunities


No discrimination on grounds of cultural or social origin, or gender or religion.



There is no problem that we cannot solve together and there are few that we can solve by ourselves.



Always looking for constant improvement as tools to achieve excellence.

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