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To end the environmental problems associated with the misuse of plastic waste, it is key to bet on innovation from different perspectives, providing a comprehensive and intregrated vision. The European strategy emphasises the prevention of the generation of plastic waste and the increase in recycling rates, as well as stimulating new business, production and consumption models that cover the entire value chain.


According to data published by the company Plastics Europe, approximately 40% of global demand for plastic is associated with packaging. For this reason, on 16 January 2019, the European Commission announced that all plastic packaging must be 100% recyclable by 2030.


At ALTERO we are aware of the great responsibility that the industry has to achieve these environmental objectives and the urgent need to make more efficient, innovative and sustainable use of plastics, where design and production fully respect the needs for reuse and recycling.


The companies Aranow Packaging Machinery and Altero Recycling Solutions (founders of Aranow Altero Recycling Machinery) are located at two key points in the value chain representing both the industry dedicated to the manufacture of plastic packaging and the sector that must ensure that this packaging is recycled more efficiently.

Circular economy diagram Aranow-Altero

In order to fulfill our social and environmental responsibility, at the Aranow-Altero group we invest in R&D every year with the objectives of:

Manufacturing packaging that maintains ergonomics, resistance and functionality, reducing the amount of material necessary for their manufacture.

Increasing recycling rates for complex packaging such as multilayered packaging or those with a high % of ink.

Developing new technologies that allow the manufacture of 100% recyclable packaging (compliance with the European 2030 standard).